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  • How long have you been manufacturing and installing storm shelters?
    Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. has been producing and installing shelters since 1998.
  • Has your storm shelter been tested at Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Institute and if so what were the results?
    In September of 2001, Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. had designed a door system that was subject to debris impact testing at TTU and was certified (supporting documents available upon request). Texas Tech University Debris impact testing center, offers listings of tested shelters and components.
  • Have you ever had any storm shelters leak if guaranteed against and if so how many, and what did you do to correct the problem? Ask if you can speak to a few individuals whose shelter was repaired or replaced."
    In the very small percentage that this has happened we have stood behind our warranty with the shelter being repaired or replaced.
  • Has your shelter been designed with the help of a qualified engineer?
    Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. had extensive help in design and development from a local University School Of Engineering on our new design.
  • Even though your shelters have a guarantee are they manufactured with materials that will rot such as wood?
    Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. manufactures all cored areas such as floor and door with a space age honeycomb plastic.
  • Have you ever had a shelter installed where a tornado has struck?
    In April of 2011 6 years after installing a Southern Illinois Storm Shelter, a customer in Tanner, Al., along with 7 other occupants was in their shelter when an F5 tornado struck, the shelter showed no signs of damage and its occupants were not harmed.
  • How does Southern Illinois Storm Shelters manufacture their products?
    At Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. we manufacture and finish all of our underground products start to finish in the same facility. We do not outsource any of our fiber glass products. That’s what has made us successful for more than 20 years.
  • Have any independent tests been performed such as bend tests or a BURN tests?
    Yes, Southern Illinois Storm Shelters, Inc. has had tests performed by an independent government class testing Facility. The results were amazing. Results available upon request.
  • Some competitors say fiberglass is old technology and is not a superior product. What is the truth to this?
    Our 20 year track record speaks for itself. There are thousands of fiberglass shelters in the ground and have been for 20+ years. Concrete will crack and leak over time, Steel will rust, and polyethylene can also fail.
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