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We produced our first model in 1998. Each year we strive to improve our models so that we provide the safest, roomiest and affordable models on the market. This effort to be the best has landed us the role as an industry leader.


We design, manufacture, and finish all of our underground products from start to finish in the same 45,000 sq ft facility, ensuring quality throughout the entire process. We do not outsource any of our fiberglass work. 


We always suggest you think of your family’s safety first…as we do. That’s what has made us successful for more than 20 years.


Our Commitment -  Quality craftsmanship, durability, and peace of mind for you and your loved ones at a price you can afford.

Whether you are close to our home base, or anywhere in the United States, we can provide you with a quality shelter at an excellent value. 

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